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The world is fond of something new now, and that is what we actually see in every corner that new attracts. Since, the inception 2014, nGon Solutions was aiming to do something that will add unique and new in the world of modern advertising, 23 successful campaigns, 10 seminars, and after 2 years of creative works nGon is finally go to target the global market to campaign with more powerful creativity. The need was to create an impact by reviving the identity. The time is now to re-brand the identity that is the logo of nGon Solutions.

We Welcome you all to judge the re-branding of nGon Solution and see the launching on the very eve of new year 2017. Click the below image and enjoy the animated version (Credits: The Architect):


The Concept:
Since the company is providing Web Development, Advertising and Marketing solutions. The main concept of the logo is to show both the development (of IT applications, web, or applications) and advertising with marketing solutions to grow any business so, the main spectrum of color is showing blue shades representing IT and the variations in blues shows that we can create IT solutions with graphical changes. The arrow show the growth in business and in market etc. Using the sans serif optima font the shining G represents the uniqueness of nGon (a shape that can mode anything, a 3D design tool). The over all logo is making a power icon by itself to POWER ON YOUR CAMPIGN.

Easy to standout with creative power symbol
Easy to use as an icon – identity via symbol
More pleasant for a viewer.
Easy to silhouette and invert.

Optima and Myriad Pro


Why Is Responsive Web Design Important For Your Website?

Cell phones and tablets have changed the methodology toward configuration and client experience. Prior to the expansion of cell phones with cutting edge web-scanning ability , web architects had one and only essential test to manage – keeping the same look and feel of their sites in different desktop PC programs.

In any case, connecting with sites on cell phones and tablets is not the same as doing that on a desktop PC screens. Variables, for example, Click versus Touch, Screen-size, Pixel-determination, support for Adobe’s Flash innovation, improved markup and numerous more have gotten to be pivotal while making sites with Responsive Design

Be that as it may, why is responsive outline so essential for your site? Before we comprehend that, we should comprehend what is “Responsive Web Design”.
What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Plan (RWD) is a methodology of laying-out and coding a site such that the site gives an ideal survey experience — simplicity of perusing and route with at least resizing, panning, and looking over — over an extensive variety of gadgets (from desktop PC screens to cell telephones).

The fashioner making a Responsive Design ought to guarantee that the site’s route components, screen-formats, content, pictures, sound/video players and other UI components re-modify themselves on an assortment of gadgets. In this way, one need not invest additional energy and cash in making and looking after one “versatile webpage form” and another “desktop-webpage rendition” of her site.

Presently, having comprehended what is Responsive Web Design, let us comprehend why Responsive Design is vital while making sites.
Why is Responsive Design important for websites?

Time & Money

The thought that making a responsive site is costly is only that, an idea. The truth of the matter is, while the expense to make a responsive site is to some degree more than making a routine site, yet the costs to copy a site for versatile and different gadgets gets totally killed, therefore – that cuts absolute advancement costs, fundamentally. Notwithstanding that, a responsive outline cuts the aggregate proprietorship cost, by method for requiring endlessly the push to keep up various adaptations of a site i.e. a “desktop-form”, a “portable rendition”. In this way, in the long haul, putting resources into responsive site outline is the most brilliant choice.

Pervasion of the Mobile Devices

Web movement beginning from cell phones is rising exponentially every day. As more individuals get used to perusing the web through their cell phones and tablets, it is irresponsible for any site distributer to disregard responsive web outline. The “One Site Fits All Gadgets” approach soon will be the standard.

User experience

While, quality written substance is the final deciding factor and discoverability of substance are first achievement measurements, it is the client encounter that empowers guests to expend content on any site through their preferred gadget and inclination, at whatever time. In this manner, responsive web outline is about giving the ideal client encounter regardless of whether they utilize a desktop PC, a cell phone, a tablet or a Smart television.

Device Agnostic

Responsive Sites are freethinker to gadgets and their working frameworks. A responsive web plan guarantees that clients get the best and steady experience of a site on any gadget of the client’s decision and inclination – be that the iPhone, the iPad, the cell phones running the Android OS, or the Windows OS and a few others. Thus site proprietors and substance distributers can require not practice the choice to fabricate forms of their site for each mainstream gadget stage which they expect their crowd may utilize.

The way ahead

Along these lines, as opposed to compartmentalizing site content into dissimilar, gadget particular encounters, it is more quick witted to embrace the responsive web outline approach. This shouldn’t imply that there isn’t a business case for independent destinations intended for particular gadgets; for instance, if the client objectives for your versatile substance offering are constrained in degree than its desktop comparable, then serving diverse substance to each may be the best approach.

However, that sort of configuration deduction does not need to be our default. Presently like never before, computerized substance is intended to be seen on a range of various encounters. Responsive web outline offers the path forward.


I don’t know the rules of grammar. . . . . .

“I don’t know the rules of grammar. If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language.”
DAVID OGILVY – Father of Advertising

Let me explain the quote above by Mr. Ogilvy.

Talking about the creative persons and persons related to advertising, they all are so desperate to create descriptive ads and so conscious about the content or material that they have to place in a proper formatted way but still the ads are not effective as expected. So by the end of the day we rely on simple things, we browse Internet, fetch for some options and start thinking about the mixing and composition.

Composition is not a creativity . . . it’s an art to create something from the things that are already created. The main objective is to create something that brings the desired outcome. We all want to have more and more engagements and by that we want to generate revenue. It’s very SIMPLE. So to achieve that one simple vision you need to create a SIMPLE mission and that is the rule of K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid).

There is no need to create a detailed and contented ad, all you need is the proper communication, point to point to the consumer that Punches right in their mind, and hit the center bull’s eye. The simple way of making ads is the simple way of communication that could be a single line (Punch line), an image or as I said earlier an inspiring art (composition) etc. All you need is to communicate the right message to the right people by adopting their ways of understandings.

If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language.”

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Why Branding is important?

The question rise up in every new business entrepreneur’s mind is why i need to BRAND my business?? Sometimes its very expensive and time taking. That is why every 6 out of 10 new business starters hesitate to hire a Brand person or any local firm to Brand themselves.

That’s the reason why we see a lot of business growing and most of them closing also with the life span of 1 or 2 years or so..

What is BRANDING? 

Well, its basically an image or you can say a positioning you are going to create in customer’s / client’s mind that what you really are and what will you do to benefit them through your work or your services.

Most of the times we need to specify about what exactly we are going to do in our new business and how exactly we are gonna administrate in the market, technically this is the strategy and plan of BRANDING we need to do for our business.

The process of logo designing, and stationary designing is not the all branding but its a part (initials) of branding. Mostly we need to search for the right target market first, and then plan a strategy to target them socially, digitally, visually or sometimes by presentation. You need to create your visions and values even persona of your brand first to tell others and grab a space in their minds.

In a nutshell BRANDING is basically a base on which you will establish your business.

Branding makes Business and Business is Branding.

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